Spring Security


  • Spring security overview 
  • Security configuration 
  • Password encoding 
  • Remember me 
  • CSRF

Spring Security Overview

  • Spring Security Features 
  • Provides portable and comprehensive security services for Javabased enterprise software applications 
  • Handles “authentication” and “authorization” 
    • “Authentication” is the process of establishing “a principal is who he claim to be” (a “principal” could be a user, device or some other system) 
    • “Authorization” (“access-control”) refers to the process of deciding “whether a principal is allowed to perform an action or access a resource

Spring Authentication Support 

  • HTTP BASIC authentication headers 
  • Form-based authentication (for simple user interface needs) 
  • HTTP Digest authentication headers 
  • HTTP X.509 client certificate exchange 
  • LDAP (a very common approach to cross-platform authentication needs, especially in large environments) 
  • OpenID authentication 
    • OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords 
  • Authentication based on pre-established request headers (such as Computer Associates SiteMinder)


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