Spring 4 MVC View Resolvers


  • Resolving views 
  • Spring-provided view resolvers 
  • Chaining view resolvers 
  • ViewController & RedirectViewController 
  • ContentNegotiatingViewResolver

Resolving Views 

  • All handler methods in a controller must resolve to a logical view name 
    • Explicitly (by returning a String, View, or ModelAndView) or 
    • Implicitly (void return type) 
  • A logical view name is then resolved by a view resolver 
    • “Resolving a view” means creating an appropriate View object 
    • Spring MVC goes through a series of view resolvers (in sequence) until it find a view resolver which can handle the logical view name 
    • Each view resolver returns a View object if it can handle it or null otherwise - if null returns, next view resolver is consulted 
  • Spring comes with a set of view resolvers 
    • Every view resolver implements ViewResolver interface View resolveViewName(String viewName, Locale locale)

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