Active Record I


  • What is Active Record? 
  • Automatic mapping between domain classes and tables 
  • Active Record Object creation, update, and delete 
  • Active Record Query Operations
  • Batch mode 
  • “where” 
  • Ordering, Selecting, Limit and Offset 
  • Dynamic Attribute-based Finders
  • Validation 
  • Migration 
  • Exception Handling

What is Active Record? 

  • Active Record is a Ruby library (represented by ActiveRecord module) that provides mapping between business objects and database tables 
    • Accessing, saving, creating, updating operations in your Rails code are performed through Active Record 
  • It‘s an Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) 
    • "An object that wraps a row in a database table or view, encapsulates the database access, and adds domain logic on that data."
  • Your domain (model) class extends ActiveRecord::Base class 
    • In this presentation, we use the terms domain class, model class, ActiveRecord class interchangeably

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