• What is and Why refactoring? 
  • Things to refactor 
  • Refactoring legacy code 
  • How to improve your refactoring skills?

What is and Why Refactoring?

What is refactoring? 

  • A series of small steps, each of which changes the program's internal structure without changing its external behavior (Martin Fowler) 
    • Verify “no change in external behavior” by Unit testing 
  • Example scenarios that require refactoring 
    • Code smells 
    • We have too much duplicate code 
    • The class is too big 
    • ...

Why refactoring? 

  • Helps us deliver more business value faster
  • Minimize technical debt 
    • To “fix broken windows” (Pragmatic Programmers) 
  • Improves the design of the our software 
    • Easier to maintain and understand 
    • Easier to facilitate change 
    • Increased re-usability
  • Understand unfamiliar code 
  • To help find bugs

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