JDBC Overview


  • What is JDBC?
  • Database URL
  • Step By Step Usage of JDBC API
  • PreparedStatement
  • CallableStatement
  • Transaction
  • Transaction Isolation levels
  • DataSource

What is JDBC?

  • Standard Java API for accessing relational database 
    • Hides database specific details from application
  • Part of Java SE (J2SE) 
    • Java SE 6+ has JDBC 4


  • Defines a set of Java Interfaces, which are implemented by vendor-specific JDBC client drivers 
    • Applications use this set of Java interfaces for performing database operations- portability is guaranteed
  • Majority of JDBC API is located in java.sql package 
    • DriverManager, Connection, ResultSet, DatabaseMetaData, ResultSetMetaData, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement and Types
  • Other advanced functionality exists in the javax.sql package 
    • DataSource

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