Hadoop Sqoop


  • What is and Why Sqoop? 
  • Importing data into Hadoop HDFS 
  • Importing data into Hadoop Hive/HBase 
  • Exporting data to RDBMS 
  • Importing/Exporting to NoSQL (MongoDB)

What is and Why Hadoop Sqoop?

What is Hadoop Sqoop? 

  • Tool designed to transfer data between Hadoop and external database system 
    • External database system can be RDBMS or NoSQL 
    • RDBMS can be any DB with JDBC access: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle DB 
  • Data can be imported from or exported to the external database system 
  • The file form in Hadoop can be 
    • HDFS file 
    • Hive table 
    • HBase table 
  • By using Sqoop in the workflow of Oozie, data import/export can be automated


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