AngularJS Unit testing


  • Why testing AngularJS apps? 
  • Testing tools 
    • Jasmine 
    • Karma 
  • Angular ngMock module 
  • Setup for AngularjS testing
  • Unit-testing AngularJS app 
    • Testing controllers 
    • Testing filters 
    • Testing directives

Why Testing Angular Apps?

Why Testing for JavaScript?Angular code? 

  • JavaScript is a dynamically typed language which comes with great power of expression, but it also comes with almost no help from the compiler 
    • Any code written in JavaScript needs to come with a strong set of tests 
    • Note: TypeScript used in writing Angular 2 application provides compile time type checking 
  • Angular is designed with testing in mind 
    • The built-in dependency injection makes unit testing easy - dependency objects can be mock objects during testing 
    • Separation of concerns (controller is separated from view) makes it easier to test controller

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